'ebony' silk scarf by tui krosschell

2019 'ebony' silk scarf by tui krosschell

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A luxurious silk, oversized scarf featuring a colourful geometric print design with two large, deep pockets.

Each Func:Scarf is digitally printed onto high quality, luxury silk. The scarf is then hemmed by hand and the pockets are sewn on with attention to detail.

Tui Krosschell's brightly printed Func:Scarves are an expressively vibrant way to keep the evening chill of transitional seasons at bay. The oversized format allows the accessory to be worn in a number of different ways. Combine this with bold pockets and the result is a scarf that strikes an ideal balance between being ultimately wearable and functional, but never something that's going to get lost in the crowd.

made from:

100% silk twill. Made in Britain with love and care. Hand wash only.


200cm X 100cm