lynn felt pillbox hat. choose your colour by indie cindy hats

lynn felt pillbox hat. choose your colour by indie cindy hats

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Hand-crafted vintage style pillbox felt hat with a big bow. Perfect for a wedding or other special occasion. Designer made using traditional millinery techniques.

Treat yourself or the Indie Cindy in your life to this designer hat by a British designer.

If you're a wedding guest this summer, you will look stylish and unique in this beautiful vintage style hat from our spring/ summer 2014 collection, 'Summer of Love'.

Why not style it with a 50s style dress, victory rolls and classic red lips for movie star style.

We use 100% British sourced wool felt and hand-block our hats from our Indie Cindy Hats studio in the Pennine hills of Northern England. Each product is hand-stitched and made with love, whilst listening to excellent music!

To keep your special purchase safe, each hat comes with a drawstring, calico dust-bag with our 'Indie Cindy Hats' logo on. Hang it in your wardrobe, or show it off on your dressing table!

Our 'Lynn' hat is available in five different colours from our 'Summer of Love' range. These include whipped cream, vintage rose pink, fuschia hot pink, lilac wine purple and duck egg blue. Or choose your own colour!

made from:

Made from 100% wool felt, cotton thread and elastic.

Although your hat will survive a light shower or two, we don't recommend getting it drenched, due to the natural materials it is made from - it may get mis-shapen. For this same reason, do not put your Indie Cindy Hat in the washing machine.

We sest that you store your hat out of sunlight, in the drawstring bag which it comes in, and refrain from getting it squashed in cluttered drawers.

Do not store it near heat sources, such as radiators, as the heat may make the hat mis-shapen.

If you wish to refresh your hat, a very quick blast of steam from a kettle, or a steam generating iron will not do it any harm. Do not prolong the amount of time it is in the steam as it may become mis-shapen. Alternatively, you could hang it on a washing line on a fresh, dry day for a short while.

We sest that you don't spray perfume directly onto your Indie Cindy Hat as it may dis-colour the product.


H6 x W17 x D19 cm, approx 50g.