livvy rain Échapeau by l for lazarus

livvy rain Échapeau by l for lazarus

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Derived from the French words for scarf and hat (écharpe and chapeau), the Échapeau is an elegant combination of both.

Each Échapeau is made with the highest quality fabrics and tailoring. The unique popper fastening system, means that you can wear your Échapeau as one stylish piece, as a classic hat and scarf combination, or as individual items.

With its soft leather-like appearance, the water-resistant linen Livvy Rain Échapeau gives you the confidence to the know the rain will never again ruin your parade.

There's never been a more beautiful way to keep warm and dry.

Sizes: small (55-56cm), medium (57-58cm), large (59-60cm)

made from:

Made in Europe. Material: 100% linen - water resistant. Lining: Polar fleece 100% polyester

Dry clean only.


Sizes: small (55-56cm), medium (57-58cm), large (59-60cm)