orenburg wool pautinka shawl by the gorgeous company

orenburg wool pautinka shawl by the gorgeous company

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Hand Knitted Orenburg Pautinka (cobweb) Shawl.

Our Gorgeous Orenburg Pautinka (cobweb) Shawl in a black or whitel yarn is hand spun and knitted in the Russian Ural mountains bordering Siberia. Made from the down of the Orenburg goat that is famed for being finer than cashmere, even at 100cm square it is possible to pass a full shawl through a wedding ring. Gorgeously soft and lightweight a Pautinka provides chic natural warmth and comfort in all seasons.

Pautinka size is 100cm x 100cm (approximate). Because every shawl is individually handmade, patterns, sizes and colour shades vary making each one truly unique.

made from:

Our Gorgeous Pautinka Shawl should be very gently handwashed at 30ºC with a mild , once washed it should be reshaped gently to its square and allowed to dry naturally on a flat surface.


100cm x 100cm varying