unisex woollen scarf black and grey by asunsti

unisex woollen scarf black and grey by asunsti

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Buy an ethically-sourced gift this Christmas. You'll be supporting sustainable production and fair wages for the artisans who make these beautiful and unique shawls.

Inspired by ancient weaving traditions, this shawl was lovingly hand made using 100% Australian wool. Artisans spin the natural fibres on drop spindles, hand dye the thread and weave the fabric on traditional looms. Sabahar just started working with wool in 2016. Whilst there are many sheep in Ethiopia, unfortunately the quality of their wool is only appropriate for carpets. Therefore, Sabahar imports cruelty- free Merino wool from Australia, which is processed in India.

Irregularities are unique to hand made products.

made from:

100% Merino Wool


30cm x 175cm